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Our Services Include…

Pure BioEnergy



Mind-Body Medicine

Diabetes Reversal Program

Our Mission

 We provide leading-edge healthcare, in the comfort, convenience, and safety of your home, using an integrated, holistic, mind-body approach for common problems, ensuring the best blend of energetic, nutritional, functional and western practices, while educating you in self-care techniques.

At HouseCalls,  we know you are the expert in your life, health and well-being. You get to make the choices. We will coach you so that you make the best choice for your life and health.  You get to live intensionally.

Living Healthy, Intensionally

Health is 100% mind, body, spirit.

Lifestyle, nutrition, movement, meditation.

My passion is helping you become the expert in your life, health, and well-being. The body always looks for balance. Homeostasis. When it has the tools, the body will do what it does best;  balance itself. If the tools are not available it will use the resources it has to do the best it can. Isn’t that what you do in life? “Do the best you can do with what you have?”

Illness or dis ease is the body out of balance. What in your environment creates dis ease? Environmental toxins, stress, lack of sleep, trauma, chronic infection, poor diet, too much or too little movement, lack of sunlight, your thoughts/beliefs, and poor gut health are the main sources of imbalance.

My goal is to help you see what is not working, guide you down the path of least resistance toward well-being and teach you the tools you need to get there. In my practice I use lifestyle, movement and resilience training. Here, you can access my coaching services. If you want to see me clinically, I work in Salida, CO.

YOU can heal yourself. Your body, as a part of creation, knows how. It just needs the tools. I help YOU become mindful of your choices and how those choices affect your life. You really are the expert in you life, health and well-being. 

  • Your thoughts, once focused upon, become emotions and are manifested in your body and your life. How do your emotions show up in your body?
  • Your actions come from your emotions. As you look around at what you have, you will know.
  • When you begin to notice how you feel; connecting your thoughts to an emotion, you have POWER & CONTROL!
  • You can decide how you want to feel. You can change your thought to match the feeling you want to have.
  • Yes, I will teach you how to do just that!

The decisions you make every day, small ones; what to wear, what to say, exercise or not, big ones; what to eat, your attitude, how you treat yourself…create your life. You can ABSOLUTELY change these and get different results. That is what my practice is all about. LIVING INTENSIONALLY.


If this sounds like how you want to live your life, then sign up for a free discovery call and let’s see how I can support you.

What are our patients saying?

Suzanne Williams – Mind-Body Medicine Adventure Camp Attendee

“I’ve had anxiety most of my life. It was helpful to know others suffer from the same issues that I have. The small group format was helpful for me, participating was easy. Everyone was so accepting. I found trying new ways to treat my anxiety helpful, even exciting. I now use shaking and dancing meditation regularly. I also found journaling really helps my monkey mind. Using meditation and the questions Bronwyn provided, has helped me see “why” I react the way I do. It has really help me change my behavior.”