House Call Musings

Things come up. You ask lots of questions. I have lots of observations. Science has answers, sometimes. You are your own expert, here I offer you some different ways to think about things.


The virus is everywhere. Naturally you are concerned for yourself and for your loved ones. Here are some tips on getting through the next year with your Well- Being in tact. Prevention The Basics Wash your hands! After you use the bathroom, blow your nose, or cough....

Too Little Or Too Much?

Too Much Or Too Little? Fatigue is a symptom, not a disease In the field of nursing and medicine, fatigue is a common complaint. This past week, I’ve had few calls about fatigue and of course circumstances being what they are, increased worry associated with that...

How To Unleash Your Superpowers Through Mind-Body Medicine

Mind-Body Medicine…a powerful way to tap into your inner knowing, to get in touch with who you are, to see the connections between your thoughts, emotions, behavior and your physical body. Mind-Body Medicine classes teach skills so you can notice and control your...

Mindfulness & Self Care Made Easy

When I first started learning meditation and engaging myself in self care: It felt weird, and I felt guilty. I was taking time for something I was told was good for me, but since I had no frame of reference for it, it seemed silly. And It felt awkward. I wasn’t raised...

Educating You In Self Care Practices

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