Coaching & The Mind-Body Experience

When you want more out of life…

In my Well-Being practice, I utilize the best of all of my training…Western medicine, Mind-Body Medicine, Coaching, PURE BioEnergy Therapy, and lifestyle changes, as needed, to set you on your journey to WellBeing.

If you are ready to move into your Well-Being …then a personalized blend of my services and skills: Western medicine, Mind-Body Medicine, PureBioEnergy and Coaching are just what you need. I’ll help you connect to and deepen the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your Well-Being, so you can grow into your full potential confidently.

Join me for this mini class “CLAIM YOUR POWER”. You’ll learn to unlock the power within, self calming techniques, how to use imagery for guidance and how to shake up, shake loose and shake out what you no longer need.  

It starts soon! 4 Tuesdays beginning April 28, 11-12:30.