House Call Musings

I write blogs based on topics that come up while I’m working. You ask lots of questions. I have lots of observations. Science has answers, sometimes. You are your own expert, here I offer you some different ways to think about things.

Generalized Inflammation

When it comes to generalized inflammation the best defense is a good offense. Inflammation can cause diseases. It is caused by excess stress, poor dietary habits, toxins, heavy metals, and lack of sleep. You may be struggling with inflammation if you are experiencing red, hot, swollen, or even painful areas inside your body. Luckily, we can mitigate inflammation in the following ways: being outside, getting exercise, eating less, eating real food.


The virus is everywhere. Naturally, you are concerned for yourself and for your loved ones. Here are some tips on getting through the next year with your well-being intact. COVID-19 Prevention - The basics Wash your hands! Everyone should wash their hands after using...

Mindfulness & Self Care Made Easy

Self care is essential to leading a balanced life and it takes on many forms. If you’re new to self care and mindfulness start small. By taking these small steps you can reduce blood pressure and stress.

Educating You In Self Care Practices

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