Bronwyn Radcliffe 

Family Nurse Practitioner. Master of Science in Nursing.

Bachelor of Arts in Nursing.

Functional Medicine Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

About Me:

Hi!  I’m Bronwyn, a Family Nurse Practitioner who has the privilege of working with patients whenever they need a little assistance in life. I created HouseCalls because I love getting to know my patients. By coming into patients homes and learning about the different aspects of their lives I’m able to help them achieve their health goals.I have four children, who are now grown. I have a few grandkids, a dog and I really like being outside. I enjoy walking, hiking, skiing, biking, swimming, and  sitting in the sun. I also enjoy reading books, learning, daydreaming, singing (I’m a bit out of tune), dancing, eating, sharing meals, making things . I also like being with my family, my friends and being alone. In general, I just like to have fun.

My professional career:

In 1996 I went back to college and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in nursing. I worked for a year as a nurse then attended college again to become a nurse practitioner. My concentration was in family nursing practice. Since 2001, I have worked in some capacity as a nurse practitioner. I have worked in cardiology, internal (adult) medicine, family medicine, urgent care, functional and nutritional medicine and as a health and wellness coach. I love it all, but I have found there is more to helping people maintain or regain health than giving them a pill or sending them for procedures/surgery.

In my Well-Being Practice:

I utilize the best of all of my training – Western medicine,  Mind-Body Medicine, coaching, PURE BioEnergy Therapy,  and other energy techniques to guide you on your journey to wellbeing. Have an acute illness or minor injury? HouseCalls is for you! Struggling with acute or chronic illness?  PURE BioEnergy is for you. Low self esteem, loss of connection, just not sure who you really are? Then a blend of Mind-Body Medicine, Pure BioEnergy and Coaching are just what you need. I can help you solve your uncertainty. I’ll help you connect to and deepen the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your well-being, so you can grow into your full potential confidently.