What Our Patients Are Saying

Suzanne Williams

Mind-Body Medicine Adventure Retreat

“Bronwyn Has Changed My Life For The Better…”

I’ve had anxiety most of my life. It was helpful to know others suffer from the same issues that I have. The small group format was helpful for me, participating was easy. Everyone was so accepting. I found trying new ways to treat my anxiety helpful, even exciting. I now use shaking and dancing meditation regularly. I also found journaling really helps my monkey mind. Using meditation and the questions Bronwyn provided, has helped me see “why” I react the way I do. It has really help me change my behavior.

Millie Anderson

Life Coach Patient

“The Coach I Never Knew I Needed…”

Working with Bronwyn has transformed my life! She is the coach I never knew I needed. Her calm demeanor, wisdom and insight supported me in my time of extreme anxiety. She guided me to find time in my day yet I still completed all my projects, on time and with more creativity! I now use meditation daily, have a healthier diet, find time to exercise and love my work.

Gary Busby

Life Coaching Patient

“A Simple And Easy Process, From Appointment To Well-being…”

From the moment I initiated contact with HouseCalls through the web, the communications have been excellent! Even if I had to cancel an appointment or change my scheduling, they were always more than accommodating to me to ensure I maintained my regular coaching sessions.

Gloria Alvarez

Mind-Body Class Participant

“After Years Of Depression, I Finally Feel Normal!”

For as long as I can remember, medical “experts” had told me I was depressed, I needed medication to get better. But after taking Bronwyn’s Mind-Body class, I have a greater awareness of how all my different emotions affect me physically and mentally. I know what techniques to use to feel better. I now have coping skills!

Debbie Anaya

Life Coach Patient

“I Finally Have A Successful Approach To Maintaining My Health…”

It takes a lot to get me to shift my philosophy when it comes to health and wellness. That being said, Bronwyn has a very unique approach to well-being. I found it refreshing, realistic and what I learned radically changed how I approach my life. I feel stronger and better prepared for whatever comes my way.

Dr. DeFrancesco is dedicated to finding answers for patients with chronic and complex health problems. I’m impressed by her ability to laser in on root causes that have been overlooked by other doctors.

Skilled and compassionate guidance to help you meet all your health goals. Dr. Sara DeFrancesco stays current on science and trends within the naturopathic field, so she’s up-to-the-minute on important things you may not have heard of.

Wow, a smart and compassionate doctor AND an acupuncturist? Dr. DeFrancesco has so much to offer just about any patient. Her fun and sassy spirit is a rare gem in the medical industry. I highly recommend her.

Dr. DeFrancesco offers a program that truly addresses the root cause and is a great way to address health concerns that have been difficult to overcome in the conventional model.

Dr. Sara is an incredibly detail-oriented practitioner who wants to make her current patients her former patients as efficiently and timely as possible, by helping them get and STAY well!

She’s vibrant, smart, and committed to helping people regain and restore their health! Dr. Sara absolutely rocks!

Best doctor ever!!! I’ve had Hashimotos for 12 years now, and am finally starting to make some traction with Dr. Sara on making progress. I would recommend her to anyone. She’s thorough, communicative, and cares about her patients. She just gets it… She gets healing the body not just treating it.

Dr. DeFrancesco is spectacular. She is a talented, thoughtful, and supportive doctor. She makes healthy living and wellness fun and accessible. The combination of naturopathy and acupuncture is not to be missed. I highly recommend her for any and all healthcare needs. I found that she always had simple tips to improve whatever health situation and she was very informative and knowledgeable.